Before you put your pants on, attach a Creepers to the bottom of each pant leg. If your pants are already too long, cuff them first, then apply Creepers.


If your pants or jeans are too long or gather around your ankles, simply cuff your jeans so that there is at least an inch between the top of your foot and the bottom of the cuff. This will allow optimal performance from your Creepers.


Creepers is made from durable materials. So if your feet stank, throw your Creepers into your next wash. Problem Solved!


Creepers is made in the heart of the Badger state – Madison, Wisconsin. Our head seamstress is a little old retired lady who slaves away at her sewing machine daily. Each Creepers is handmade with love.


One size fits all. Each Creepers is 3.5 inches of elastic. It will stretch to accommodate any foot size.


We ship Creepers anywhere in North America. Outside that area, we will be happy to ship you a pair. Please contact us first via our About page so we can work out the shipping details.


We are a small business, so if you like our product, please help us spread the word! Together we will put an end to wrinkled jeans everywhere!